About Us

Jawharat Al ilm Al Khalid Trading Company is an Omani company. The idea of ​​its formation and operation was formed in 2019.

Following the field studies and considering the important role of the Sultanate of Oman in the main economic exchanges of the region and the role of its market and commercial ports in the transit of goods and also the existence of offices or agencies of some important industrial companies in it, the founders was motivated to establish a trading company active in the field of electronics which is smart and development-oriented, and could be an active link in trade with a comprehensive orientation while prioritizing the neighboring countries.

It was in line with this policy that a long time later, by providing resources and equipping facilities, the company was established within the framework of the rules and regulations of Sultanate of Oman and was registered and operated under the number 1372159. The company has an active business card and license and represents some important manufacturing or industrial companies in the territory of Sultanate of Oman and the region.