Ostrich Products

Ostrich meat has a high nutritional value, so that it is used as an indicator in gastronomy. It is one of the leanest types of red meat available which is one of the most important and significant properties in the current consumer market. This property is extremely valuable for cardiovascular patients as well as people obesity who need to control their weight. The fat content of ostrich meat in 100 grams of meat is equal to 1.29 grams, while this is 4.6 grams for beef and 3.4 for chicken.

Cholesterol content of ostrich meat is also low and 57 mg /100 g, while in beef, it is 59 mg and 57 mg /100 grams in chicken. Unsaturated fatty acids in ostrich meat has been reported as 30% of the total fatty acids.The amount of omega-3 fatty acids is 8.3% which is a significant commercial advantage. According to reliable medical studies and articles published in international journals, omega-3 fatty acids have beneficial effects in reducing cardiovascular disease and is so effective for human growth and development. It has shown to be useful in preventing blood clotting compared to omega-3 unsaturated fatty acids. Low sodium amounts in ostrich meat which is 43 mg/100 g compared to 63 mg in beef and 77 mg in chicken, is one of the most important and unique benefits of ostrich meat, especially in people who need to have low-salt foods (such as people with high blood pressure).


The iron content in ostrich meat is 2.3 mg in compare with 2.2 and 0.9 mg /100 g for beef and chicken, respectively. It provides appropriate iron content for anemic people and pregnant women. In addition to the above items, ostrich meat protein is high about 20% and is uniquely tender and digestible. In cooking, ostrich meat has good interaction with spices and its steak and kebab are very tasty.
Each 100 grams of ostrich meat contains 21.5 mg of magnesium, 208 mg of phosphate and 351.4 mg of potassium. Normally, 50% of one 80kg ostrich birds is meat that it is include of 33 kg legs meat, 2.5 to 3 kg fillet, about 3-5 kg neck and also some fat convertible into oil is obtained.