Ostrich leather

With the following brief explanation, we will get to know ostrich leather, its use, durability and beauty.


Ostrich leather is among bird leathers which is more expensive than cow and goat leather. The leather is distinctive for the pattern of follicles. The follicle is the ostrich skin bumps that has very small veins. Wrinkles on ostrich skin are very eye-catching. It is stronger than cow leather and at the same time it is softer and thinner. Today, many products such as women's bags, wallets, office bags, watch straps, bracelets, etc. are produced using it. Ostrich skin is different in appearance from ostrich leg skin. Ostrich skin has follicles (plump), but ostrich legs have large and thick veins. The skin area of ​​ostrich legs is much smaller, but the beauty of the leg leather is doubled. The leg leather is used for wallets, leather keychains, watch straps and leather bracelets, and it is also used for decoration and embroidery. Some ostrich claw are also attached to the leg leather, which are known as ostrich leg skin with claw. About one and a half square meters of high-quality leather can be produced out of each ostrich. After cutting and disinfecting the skin, breeders send it to skin tanning workshops. They use industrial methods to clean, dry and degrease. Following these steps, the quality and durability of the leather should be significantly increased so that it does not change in the face of heat, boiling water and pressure. For this purpose, herbal, chromic, aldehyde, synthetic and ammonium methods are employed.



Our Trading Method:

Johar Al-Alam Al-Khalid Trading Company, as the official and exclusive representative of the products of Matin Pars Rouyesh Agro-industry Company in Iran, can provide the leather you need whereas the grade and color are determined by the customer.

The leather is packed in appropriate packaging according to FOB, CIF and CNF shipping methods as per the agreement with customer.

The minimum purchase amount of leather is 10 thousand USD or the equivalent in Oman Rials.

Delivery time and shipping: 60 days following deposit payment.


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